Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Order My Assignment provides a money back guarantee to all our customers. We understand that like every other service, customers may not always be satisfied. Following this, we shall ensure that all unsatisfied clients are refunded the whole amount they could have paid to have their orders processed. If you place an order with us, we understand that you have trusted us to deliver unquestionable quality. We have a team of writers we believe in providing the high quality that you require. We will pick the best writer and have them work on your order with the expectation that you will attain the results that you expect.

However, it is not always the case that writers will deliver the expected quality. We take a right to the satisfaction of all our clients very seriously. Our clients must be satisfied, no matter what, every time they transact with us. In case your expected level of satisfaction is not attained, we shall provide a refund of the full amount that you paid when placing their order. We shall not let you incur any cost for services that you do not enjoy. We will ensure that you receive your full refund with a maximum of three days after you lodge a justifiable complaint.

We have an internal dispute resolution team. If there is a struggle between the writer and the client over an order the client made, our dispute resolution team will be invited and made to consider the claims of both the client and the writer. Any slight mistake that the writer made on the client's order will be penalized. In such an event, the client will be awarded a 100% money back as per our money back guarantee terms. We allow a maximum of two weeks to have a dispute resolved, but we shall do our best to have it settled sooner.

Our company takes the interests of all our clients seriously. We understand that your hard earned cash must deliver you the quality you deserve. As such, we are entirely dedicated to helping you attain your interests. Our work will be delivered on a timely basis and with the expected levels of quality. Our sole aim is to ensure that you are satisfied at all costs. Any failure from our part will make us liable, and we shall have no choice but to send back the full amount you paid for the specific order. We are a professional agency, and we surely will keep our word.

We guarantee plagiarism-free content. We assure you of in-depth research and proper flow of thoughts. We also assure you that we shall work tirelessly to ensure that you are fully satisfied. We have a team of competent, skilled and in-house writers who are fully dedicated to helping you complete your assignment. We will pick the best writer for the specific type of assignment you will provide. If there arises an issue in the course of our transaction, we shall refund all the money. We shall ensure that you have your money back within three days of you lodging a complaint. If there is a dispute, we shall have it solved in less than fourteen days. Visit us today and enjoy a 100% money back guarantee that fully protects you and assures you of success and quality in your assignment.