Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Once you place an order with our website, it means you have read, understood and agreed with our terms and policies. Placing an order without reading and following our terms of services will be entirely your fault and we are not liable for any consequences due to ignorance of clauses mentioned below.

  • Order Processing

    For successful order processing, the client is required to fill the order form with the following details:

    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Contact Number

    These details are primarily used for contacting clients and responding to their queries.

    If you are not comfortable with disclosing your real name, you can use the preferred one. However, the financial details and remaining contact should be correct and valid.

  • Cancellation Policy

    The company can cancel your order without sending a notification on two grounds.

    • If you intentionally or unintentionally violate any terms and conditions OR
    • If you are involved in any form of scam or guilty of fraudulence.

    In the aforementioned incidents, no compensation is given.

    In the event you want to cancel the order, you are required to do it within an hour of the order placement since this is the time used in order processing and assigning. Any cancellations requested after the stipulated time are subject to deduction of order processing fee.

  • Revision Policy

    Our main aim in the industry is to provide our customer with ultimate satisfaction. And our unlimited revision facility propels our agenda. The facility enables clients to ask for revision for delivered paper or any other task until it meets their threshold. If dissatisfaction persists even after numerous revisions, the customer can request for a refund.

  • Refund Policy

    If the clients' requests for a refund for a paper that he or she has not filed for free revisions, the application is turned down. In case the customer is not satisfied with numerous corrections and requests for the refund, the company refunds. However, the company does not entertain the following claims:

    • Minor mistakes in the write-up
    • Slight delay in the order delivery

    If you're mistakenly charged twice or extra amount in deductions, you should report the error to our support and the money will be reimbursed to your account immediately.

  • Delivery Policy

    We only use Electronic Mail(Email) as our medium in delivering orders to clients. You order will just be sent to the provided Email id, not any other Email address. Therefore, it's vital to be keen on the information you give on the order form before submitting..

    Any late mishap due to client's incorrect or invalid information is regarded as the customer's mistake, and the company is not responsible in such event.

  • Plagiarism Policy

    Our writing team comprises of veteran academic writers and subject matter experts; hence, chances of our papers being plagiarised are minimal. To ensure no other plagiarism case, we run all our final papers on plagiarism checkers such as Turnitin, Copyspace and plagiarism report along with the essay is sent to the client.

  • Changes in Terms of Services

    We have all rights to delete, add, edit, modify or change any of the mentioned clauses without notifying clients. Therefore, it's imperative for new and existing clients to read this page before placing any order.

    Terms and conditions should be strictly adhered to. We need to provide you quality services without compromising any aspect.